Optional Explanation in Template for Post/Topic Removal

I really like the moderation system, however one thing that I think would be really useful is the ability for a moderator to add a comment which would be inserted into the template.

As it stands the templates are pretty general so it can be not obvious to the user the exact problem that caused the flagging. I feel like being able to insert a sentence would help here. Having to send a separate PM is way too much work.


I do not understand what you mean by this? Can you provide a quick visual mock-up?

Terrible mock-up but hope it helps.

For instance, when flagging/removing posts/topics, the moderator could optionally provide extra clarification which would be inserted into the template mailed to the user.

Upon consideration, I realize now that this sort of comments box should ONLY be enabled when it’s a moderator doing the flagging/actions.

The point is, right now, the template shows a laundry list of possible causes including something in the guidelines, and this would let the moderator help the user understand the cause.