Organize video contents


I am looking for a solution to make video content in post more searchable. In the advanced search there is no option to filter with:videos, only with:images.

Is that possible to search somehow the video contents posts or organize? The problem is videos have no title or description so the search cannot find it? Maybe use a video tag can help a bit but that is just a filter to topics not posts.

Thanks for the answers and suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

does this help ?


my title is error with a tag of unsupported-install

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you can really organise anything with tags.

Yeah that is fine. I use tags but the problem is that is only for topics filter. So if there is a topic with video tag and more then 500 replies it take too long to search the relevant post with the video. That is why I am thinking about how to make search videos easier and faster to users. :slightly_smiling_face: