Other people's private conversations in 'Suggested messages'

(rizka) #1

I just flagged a topic here on Meta as “something else”. When you do so, a private conversation between you and moderators is created. Under the discussion, there are ‘Suggested messages’ which I am not part of. I see their titles and participants. However when I click a discussion, I get a connection error so I cannot read them which is good. Under normal messages there are messages from my own messages as it should be.

(Alan Tan) #3

Looks like the joins are not unnecessary after all

(Alan Tan) #4

Fixed in

This was actually due to a combination of PERF: Avoid unnecessary expensive joins if possible. · discourse/discourse@f3fadf4 · GitHub and PERF: Avoid `NOT IN (>` which can get really slow. · discourse/discourse@2814819 · GitHub

Added test cases to guard against regression.

Thanks for reporting @rizka

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