Daily Summary Feedback

With the creation of our newly minted forum summaries category, we now have an AI-generated Daily Summary that you can all check out to get a snapshot of what’s been happening here on meta over the last 24 hours. :partying_face:

As with all things AI, there is a learning curve… :slight_smile: And this is the topic where you can share what you like and what you don’t like about the Daily Summary, and offer up any suggestions on how we could make it better.

Just to note, this topic is for feedback specifically about the Daily Summary version. These three:

Daily Summary (5am UTC)
Daily Summary (1pm UTC)
Daily Summary (9pm UTC)

Feedback for the Weekly Summary can be found here - Weekly Summary Feedback

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I wish the bot wouldn’t mention me all the time. I guess I need to mute those topics?


This has been mentioned by a couple of people, so you’re not alone. :slight_smile: I was trying to think of a good way to accommodate this, but we may have to go with no @mention versions. :thinking:

Just to check, did you get the @mention notification even though the category was default muted, or did you manually change the level first?


When I checked the category, the topics weren’t muted even though the category was, until I manually changed my notification level per-topic.

Hmmm. :thinking: I did think that was expected, and the category notification level took precedence if the topic was set to ‘Normal’. I admit, the way different notification levels intersect can turn me around a bit. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

But if you get a @mention ping even if you’ve got the category level muted (and the topic level is Normal) then that may be a bug?


I’ll have to change my notification levels and see if it pings me in the next cycle I suppose.

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I have had a small explore with a data explorer query and a poke around and it does look like @mentions are going out even though the category is default muted, which is a bit of a spanner in the works.

I’m reasonably sure that shouldn’t happen, but people have also said that even the proper ones (ie. getting a notification for being @mentioned in a summary they’re not expecting to be muted) are also too noisy, so we may have to forgo the @.


Yea I don’t need to be notified by mentions daily for stuff I know I did.


I think it’s to say, ‘You’ve made it into the summary! You’ve hit the big time, kid!’ :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s unavoidable given how notifications are implemented, just mute the topics you don’t care about

@JammyDodger lopks like the special custom instructions I added here may have changed We need to guide Bert a lot better, did you copy instructions?

I did copy the instructions. :+1: I may have changed the @ mention on the upcoming 2024-01-17T21:00:00Z one…

But the rest should be the same.

Oh I recommend playing with the instructions a bit you can try on a new automation rule

Try giving it an example of a row you would like it to generate, it may help

The giant mush of text is not great

@JammyDodger I tried fiddling with instructions on the aussie time zone one, lets see if it does better… if it does can you copy across?

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UPDATE, way better! Copy away … also have a look at what I changed. Feel free to tweak stuff over the next week. :confetti_ball:

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Yeah normal level topics override muted categories I guess.

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The Daily Summary (1pm UTC) one didn’t fire on time. Not sure why. :thinking: I’ve manually triggered it.

Better @mentioning? (there were some reservations about non-@mention usernames not being auto-updated if a username was changed, but this doesn’t happen often and if we clear down the topic after, say, two or four weeks then it limits that as well?)

Probably worth talking to @joffreyjaffeux about this, it is super annoying, when you edit an automation rule, as a side effect it will push itself to the next window

Eg set to repeat daily
Edit 1 hour prior to schedule
Will skip the 1 hour from now and only fire in 25 hours

Also , lots more tweaking needed , Bert refused to add links to todays Aussie summary

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Seems like the summary references will pile up on forum posts:


The 1pm UTC one seems to have gone back to pinging people, lmao