Overall badge count on users page

“Micro” feature but would be possible to create a badge count column on the users page? Some of the more stats chasing types are keen to see how they rank on my site.

Plus if badges are a way to encourage and measure engagement it should probably be on that page?

The count could either be static (meaning it always shows all badges ever) or probably, to be consistent, it should also cover badges granted over the time-period as specified at the top of the page.


@lrossouw, love the idea! How do you think badges that can be awarded more than once should work?

If I have 25 “Nice Reply” badges but no others, versus someone with 25 unique badges - should that be distinguished?


I think just count them all. That’s the point of setting them to multiple awards right. If you don’t want them to count multiple times just set them to be only awarded once.


I think “Badges” count is probably more useful on that page than “Views” is. But I would be super reluctant to add more numbers there when it is already at number overload.

Perhaps we should just look at a “stack overflow” style overlay on the avatars counting gold,silver,bronze badges. Not sure.


That page seems to me a stats page. Numbers to be expected? The Read and Views does seem to be basically telling the same thing so space could be made?

That’s is also an idea but not the same as a user ranking. Maybe a Gold / Silver / Bronze count on the pop card?