Overwhelmed at getting started bringing in users

I know there are a bunch of resources in here how to get get started and I know there are many threads already about bringing in user to the community, but I feel overwhelemd and not sure which information or strategy to use.

Can someone point me to a simple guide or set of actions to take that succesfull worked in bringing in user to their community?

My community is for people studying for the CPA exam and I want it to be a place where people can ask their questions about the exam, and then a place to get career advice. I eventually plan to have a job board so I can monetize. I will also include a blog.

Thank you for your help everyone.


Hey Aaron,
I can help.

First, here is some reading:

The basis of most successful communities are relationships. You need to build a beta group of users (ideally people that you already have a relationship with) and get them onsite, using your community. You need to nurture their relationships with each other so that they are intrinsically motivate to continue using your platform, while they build critical mass.

Have a read through those resources and then feel free to come back with more focused questions. Be warned though – this is a long game. Allow yourself 6-12 months to start seeing results.