Suggestions on Improving Topics Viewed, Posts Read & Read Time

Hello team,

We’ve been inviting users to our Community and have been getting regular stream of new users.

However, it’s been surprising to see how little people stick around. Some metrics:

There is quite a bit of content and engagement on the Community, but maybe not enough to encourage Users to open Topics and at least read something…

Has anyone faced this issue?? If so, how did you solve it??




Instead of looking at improving specific metrics, why not look at the value your community gives to its users? Ask them for feedback and you’ll definitely get useful info.

Infact, that is exactly how we improve on a feature or part of Discourse that isn’t working!


Thanks for sharing @osioke, some interesting anecdotes in that post!!

We have been conducting interviews and people communicate they’re very interested in the value it brings (it’s a community for users of a SaaS); specifically getting their questions answered on and learning about how others are using the software. But maybe (IMO) not enough value to take time out of their day.

Is more research needed in your opinion to get to the bottom of it??

Thanks again

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I guess you have the solution then. Structure/design your community around answering questions and sharing how people use the software can help.

Maybe @smileypants707 can help with something more detailed? We’ve been working on random health checks trying to help community managers like you, so his health checks may give you a bit more insight.