Padding/margin bottom on iOS chat

I noticed chat adds this sort of padding at the bottom on iOS to push it above the home indicator. How can we remove this as we already have that solution in place? I can’t repro on a browser to find that div.

(see grey area)

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I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at in this image. Can you share a full screenshot as well?

Can you help to illustrate what you mean by this too?

Just trying to understand well enough to help, but I’m not quite there yet.


It doesn’t happen all the time, hence my difficulty. Not sure what the logic is.

Basically, on iPhones there’s a home indicator which is marked as a horizontal line, right?
So it seems as if there’s some kind of margin/padding at the bottom to avoid any overflow over this. A little tricky to see in the picture, but it’s a grey area of about 20 pixels before the content actually is being drawn.
It seems to come and go - haven’t found a way to repro but it seems to only happen in Chat?

We have already created an in-house solution to deal with this home indicator so essentially we now have a “double” margin/padding.


OK, well when you do see it again, if you can get a screenshot of the full screen I think it’d really help me understand better.

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Here’s a full screen photo Dave! Hope we can find a solution. It seems to happen only upon each new session and when visiting Chat only via iOS.

blurred for privacy of users.

See the margin discourse adds in red (left side) and our very own in dark blue (right side)

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Thanks! I need to charge my old iPhone to see how this looks on Meta as well.

Curious, have you tried conditionally removing your own customization when you’re in chat?

Oh, maybe that wouldn’t work because:

So, are you saying it goes away when you reload the page?

It’s a strange behavior. It goes away after using the chat or clicking some places. I’m not entirely sure! But I do know that a new session brings it back.

I’d appreciate any help!

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OK, good to know. I know there’s been plenty of tinkering with getting things to be a bit more smooth on different platforms (especially iOS). Let’s see if this continues to be an issue a couple weeks from now, and if it is, we’ll try to identify more specifics for how to reproduce it.