Page keeps loading after update

Greetings, an update had arrived, though I cannot recall its exact name. It typically appears second in the update panel, and it is usually imperative to update that one first before proceeding with the others. I clicked on it and initiated the update. After a while, I had to close the browser, assuming the update would continue in the background. However, since this morning, I’ve been facing a perpetual “page loading” screen. It seems to be loading, but it does not complete. Neither the admin panel nor the homepage will open. Why would this issue occur?

I think this may be another case of this bug:

If you can rebuild from the command line that should sort it. :+1:


Just to cross-post this here, the problem commit has now been reverted:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

I executed these commands, yet my site persists in loading aimlessly and fails to open.

wget -qO- | sh

I have also utilized this, yet the outcome remains unchanged; my website continues to load incessantly without opening.

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Hmm. Perhaps that wasn’t the issue (or possibly not the only issue). Let’s slip this back into your dedicated topic and see if we can debug it further.

Does your site work in safe mode? And is there anything in your /logs or browser console that may provide further information?

Indeed, such a screen has appeared.

The site opens in Safe Mode.

I have disabled all plugins and components, yet the outcome remains unchanged.