Whole site broken after trying to update

So I went to update my site and then it said something about error, I haven’t been on the site for about 10 months so there was a large amount of updates.

I updated the docker first, and that went fine.
And then I hit update all and during updating I got that “< main >” error.

So I just did a .launch rebuild command after searching for possible solutions. which has my site now functional instead of the “oops” page.

But now everything is stuck loading on the site, and I can’t even hit “update” for the docker, it click flashes and does nothing when I try to hit Update.

Anyone have any ideas, I just don’t want to lose my accounts and posts. Thanks.

Also, when you click on a topic or anything, it’s stuck on loading now. So the site is currently not operational at all.

Everything is basically stuck on loading

When I click start updating it just flashes the red cancel button and does nothing.

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Okay so I ended up finding something and used this:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Going to look over the site but currently it seems to have been fixed. I’m sure some things will be broken due to the 10 months of updates but i’ll keep browsing. hope this can help someone else.


This worked for me as well, after attempting the web-based upgrade to 2.7.0.beta3. Ended up needing to run the command twice (after the first time, it mentioned it needed run again).

With the web-based upgrade, was getting:

Parse error at _browser-update-92cd9b3599f62ca785b6cbf3d8d3afb080d6cd463034e2fccefd5455b0f5fff6.js:5,6
  let $buo = function () {
ERROR: Unexpected token: name «$buo», expected: punc «;»
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