Page Publishing

In the meantime I used the default Discourse customization facility:

  1. Identify the added element, e.g., with a published-page-footer-links CSS class.
  2. Customize CSS to hide this element by default and show it only for published pages
  3. Add the element in the Footer space

2. In CSS, add:

/* Only show footer links on published pages */
.published-page-footer-links { display: none; }
.published-page .published-page-footer-links { display: block;}

3. in Footer, add:

<nav class="published-page-footer-links">
Hi there! This is the footer for published pages!

I would like to replace procourse-static-pages with “page publishing”. Is it somehow possible to add the default discourse header to “published page”? I mean, show the logo on the left side, the search, hamburger icon, avatar and the related functionality for theses buttons on the right side. Then it would be a replacement of procourse-static-pages.

Additionally, it would be great to use DiscoTOC for the published page, too.


Thanks a lot for this feature! It allows to build great landing pages apart from the homepage. So it would be nice to have the appropriate metadata that you need for sharing on social media, SEO or Google Discover (the latter apparently became more important than Google search in my country during the last months when it comes to traffic). Are there any plans to provide a meta title / description and the custom meta tags for the big social networks or even make them editable?


Is there any way to remove the ‘pub’ component of the URL?

This was also asked previously, with no reply.


No. You can’t remove the pub without a plugin. And even then, you’d mostly need to replace it with something else.

You could use a permalink to make /arbitrary-url 301 to /pub/whatever, but it’d still have the pub in their browser.

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Any update on being able to include the Discourse header on published pages?


Will it ever be possible to render LaTeX in a published page? Would be cool to write math articles.

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May I ask, Is there a url that can list all the published page for Admin ? So Admin can easily see all the page they published.
Something similar to wordpress ?
If not, It would be great if the url list all the page published.


Using the table-of-contents theme component on published pages would be awesome… That’s been mentioned a few times in this topic.

Any thoughts on if that could happen?


Are there any plans to allow rendering of these published pages inside the normal Discourse Ember layout? It seems a shame that you can’t just pull them into the layout like the other app sections. I’ve seen a number of others ask this in this thread but nobody seems to have given a direct answer yet.

All of the other static pages plugins that I’ve seen in my research seem to be also rendering their static content in their own Rails layouts, too. Is this a limitation of the Discourse platform, or just that nobody has coded it in yet?

If there is no hard limitation against rendering the published pages inside the normal app layout (with header), where should I start when it comes to getting this feature moving?

Thank you :smiley:


You can alter styling per the original post: Page Publishing

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Thank you @hellekin. However, this does not address the main point of my reply. I asked if it’s possible to render the published pages within the normal Ember.js app layout (with the logo, search, hamburger nav, and user nav), not how to customize the separate published pages layout.

I want the static content to render within the normal app layout the same way that a category or topic detail page would load. I would like to use of all the existing plugins and theme components that interface with the main Ember app layout.


I think the purpose of published pages is to remove the Discourse UI.

Although I agree that it would be great to have some features (e.g., from theme components or plugins), I think linking to topics would work better in your case. Maybe you want to explore styling closed topics instead?

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Is it possible to have the published page keep the site heading intact or did I miss a trick?


Page publishing is really cool–the topics look great as standalone pages. But I haven’t been able to use it like I had hoped:

  1. I thought one cool use would be to set up page publishing as a landing page for the forum–so before users login they get to see a topic I have published and styled to be the page they see. Is that possible?

  2. The original post here mentions you can style the page. Is there a way to add jquery or javascript to the page? (edit: I see that from the earlier discussion there have been requests for being able to add jquery, javascript to the pages but not yet there, at least as of last year–basically, it looks like people have been hoping that they could have a static page, but render with the same customization possibilities of a normal topic–which is what I would appreciate too.)

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Yes, there is, although it is not immediately obvious.


I love this feature, it makes for great PDF/printing, too.
That beeing said, the restriction to “Team” to trigger the publishing process feels odd.
For privacy reasons we try to restrict mods and admin (Team) accounts.

Would’nt it be a good idea, to link the feature to the trust level?

  1. the owner of a topic can publish if
  2. he/she hast trust level 3 or greater

It’s such a great feature - why hide it away.

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I think because allowing people to create arbitrary urls on your site is a potential security risk. If you’re an enterprise customer or self hosted, I think that creating a plugin to tweak the permissions might not be too difficult.


You can use groups and wiki pages, including shared edits, and your users can then change contents of a published page without team intervention. Using groups is safer than allowing anyone to change published content. Anyway this depends on your type of forum.


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