Pageview plots (again)

I know I had previously asked for aggregation on the annual range, but the recent updates render the visualization illegible:

Well-meaning suggestions:

  • A weekly (rather than monthly) aggregation would be comfortable and preferable at this scale
  • Regardless, the bars need to be configured with enough width to be legible and hoverable

Lastly, the recent addition of vertical gridlines is a real negative IMO. It’s just visual clutter that is distracting and makes comparing heights across different bars much more difficult to do at a glance. Having a vertical gridline corresponding to some empty tick in between bars tells the viewer absolutely nothing. [*] I would suggest reverting this change, or offering a configuration for a simpler style (or if this can be overridden via CSS theme, any pointers are appreciated).

[*]: properly this would be a categorical range with discrete weeks or months as the factors, not a datetime range at all.

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Also as long as I am commenting on the visualization design, it’s not useful/appropriate have non-integral ticks (or format integers as floating point) in graphs like the signups or new contributors since those will always be whole numbers of people:

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 12.59.31

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