Paginating while searching for multiple tags

I’d like to be able to search for topics matching an AND of multiple tags. I’ve determined that I can do this by playing around with the UI by making a query like this:

I have two questions:
Using the above method, I see that results are limited to 50 results. We may have more than that. I don’t see a way to configure this in the app settings, or a way to get more results in the UI that I can farm a request from, or a parameter I can pass to this API method. Is this possible using this API method?
Is there another API method that might work better for finding topics with a set of tags that provides this functionality?

I recommend using the /tags/intersection route instead, like /tags/intersection/docker/email. If there are more results, then you can use the more_topics_url as usual with other topic lists.


Cool, thanks. I did not know that route existed.