[PAID] Adding Custom Ranks Importing from phpBB3

Hey All,

I am migrating my games forum from phpBB3 (Can be found here: http://automationgame.com/phpBB3)

We use quite a few Custom User Ranks, to signify various statuses in our community. Such as being an early access supporter, purchased the game, or are a high leveled beta tester.

So what I need:

  • Custom Ranks Imported and Converted to Badges, Including their Rank Icon
  • Imported ranks as Badges Applied to Users Correctly

I am wanting to migrate my forum as soon as possible. So please get in contact. It would be ideal if this feature be pulled back into the main branch if others want to use it.

Thanks, Caswal

I mostly managed to resolve this myself, righting a simple php page that uses the curl API to set badges on users. Although it seams to be pretty easy to either saturate or hit the rate limit with it.

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