[PAID] Adding sorting parameter to Discourse Docs Card Filter Component

We are currently moving our course content from Teachable to Discourse forum via Docs plugin in combination with Discourse Docs Card Filter Component

Hence I would like to add a sorting feature to the docs card component the following way:

We thought about to add a sorting parameter in category icons tc’s setting. For the example, in case of the 6,heart, we can add an additional sorting command, e.g. to sort by topic title ascending, it would be 6,heart,title-asc.

When opening the category card, it would then just append the docs parameters such as: /docs?ascending=true&category=71&order=title.

If possible, we would like to have it implemented it via PR to the original author’s TC so the feature becomes available for everyone

Deadline: If possible, this month

Budget: 100-300 USD

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Hi @jrgong
I am interested to take this up. Sending you a PM

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Hi there,
The task have been successfully delivered by me


can confirm, can be closed :slight_smile:

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