PAID: Anyone offering Monthly Discourse Support Services?

Hello, we plan to launch a private discourse community for our clients

We need someone who can give us monthly support (like configuration, minor customizations, plugin installs…)

Note: when you google “wordpress support services” you can see lot of websites offering this service. But try “discourse support services” and there are no results! :disappointed:

We know there is support here in meta.discourse, but we need more personal and professional support…

If you know someone please tell us…Thanks!


I haven’t met any of them in person, but I would think that the Discourse Team would offer personal support and would most certainly be as professional as it can get.

You mean you are wanting someone to be “in-house” as an employee?

If so, knowing where you’re located could help.

No, I mean online support (this kind of services does not require to be in house)


Can you define your budget for this service, roughly?

Email support is included in our $100/month standard hosting plan, of course.


Can you provide more information about the level of support that is included in your standard hosting plan?

You email us, we email back a reply in a reasonable time frame, typically same business day? Not sure… what else can be said?

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We want to complete outsource Discourse admin tasks. Tasks include install & configure core script with plugins, minor theme modifications…We need someone who can take care of this,

Does Discourse Plans include these support?
If not, is there anybody offering this service?


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