[Paid] Automatic Day/Night Mode

What would you like done?
I need someone to write a simple Day/Night Mode plugin, which would automatically switch between a Light Theme and Dark Theme at user’s specified times (according to user’s local time).
It should have the following UX:

In Admin Plugin Options:

  • Automatic Day/Night Mode Plugin On and Off
    if On:
  • Select a $Daytime_Theme from a list of installed themes
  • Select a $Nighttime_Theme from a list of installed themes
  • Select menu User Default: Automatic Day/Night Theme Switching is On or Off
  • Select menu User Default: Nighttime starts at (only PM hours)
  • Select menu User Default: Daytime starts at (only AM hours)

In User Preferences:

  • Automatic Day/Night Theme Switching On and Off
    if On:
  • Select menu $Nighttime starts at (only PM hours)
  • Select menu $Daytime starts at (only AM hours)


  • Javascript switching between $Daytime_Theme at $Daytime and $Nighttime_Theme at $Nighttime (user’s local time).

When do you need it done?
no rush

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
up to $200

Additional Info
It expect that it should be quite simple for someone experienced with Discourse plugins and Javascript. I’d like to keep it Open Source, so it would be great if it could be hosted on GitHub.


That would depend on how much is setting driven and how much is “automatic”.

First I’m assuming you don’t really mean AM (1 minute after midnight) and PM (1 minute after noon), but rather daylight and darkness.

Depending on ones latitude, seasonal differences, and whether or not daylight savings time are observed would complicate any precise automatic dawn/dusk change. Settings such as “enter night mode at ___”, “enter day mode at ___” on the other hand would be relatively easier, but require user action, which they could adjust during the course of the year as seasonal changes got out of sync and when daylight savings changed.

Because it is easy enough to switch themes now via the hamburger menu I’m guessing your goal is to eliminate the need to switch up to twice daily. How many settings are you thinking would be an acceptable number, the ones you posted?

I’m thinking six settings could work if six wouldn’t be settings bloat. i.e.

  • mid-winter dawn time
  • mid-winter dusk time
  • mid-summer dawn time
  • mid-summer dusk time
  • daylight savings begin date
  • daylight savings end date

I need just the settings I mentioned. We live mostly according to our life style, not sunlight. If I finish my dinner at 8pm, this is when my evening starts.

If users really like it, we can add “Sunset to Sunrise” in the future. This would require much more coding and likely asking permission to access a user’s location. Too complex. Right now I’d like to start with just basic functionality. Also, it’s a non-profit, so I can’t spend more.


There’s a theme that has the switcher icon already built. This may give you a starting point.


thanks, I’ve been using the Hamburger Theme Selector script, so my users can already switch themes from the menu. The missing step is automation with basic configuration options.

Is this project too small to bother or is the compensation inadequate for the job?
I’d appreciate some advice.

My guess is that your budget is off by a factor of 3-5.

And the 6-setting options is arguably more cumbersome than having someone select the theme they want from the hamburger menu.

And the elegant solution (inferring sunrise/sunset from, say, user-entered LON/LET) is probably twice that.

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no, it’s only 2 settings on the user side.

I don’t want to offend anybody, but a $1000 for such a simple script? People code full websites for this kind of money. I guess, I have to find those people :wink:

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Perhaps it’s much easier than I think, but you asked why you’d not gotten responses.

I don’t think this is a $1,000 job but I do think it’s a bit overly complicated for what you’re after. If you can remove the user level definitions and go site-wide it makes it simpler.

I’d be open to working towards a quote with you offline. joe@joebuhlig.com


thanks @joebuhlig. I’ve sent you an email.
The user-side settings are even simpler than iOS Nightshift feature. I can’t imagine not having any. You’d have to at least allow to turn it off. And once you’ve added an on/off switch, a user-setting database record has to be implemented, so you may as well add the user-side time selectors.

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