[PAID] Bespoke Hierarchical Tagging And Filtering

I’m part of the team running community.gamedev.tv. We use Discourse to provide Q&A and discussions around our catalogue of game development courses.

We are looking to migrate the structure of our forum to a more useable one. As part of that transition, we need to provide students with an ergonomic way to tag their post for a particular course, section or even lecture.

The system would need to provide the following:

  • When creating a new topic, students should be able to drill down to the course, section or lecture the post relates to.
  • When browsing any category, users should be able to filter by course, section or lecture.
  • When creating a topic from a filtered view, the appropriate course/section/lecture is already applied.
  • When following a link from the course, the appropriate course/section/lecture should already be applied.

I know that hierarchical tags already exist but these are not easy for students to use. We would want a separate field so that tags could be used for other purposes.

Furthermore, we don’t want to link the names of tags to their display names. Course, section and lecture names get updated so the source of truth for the display names should come via API call from an off-platform source.

The system could work off the existing tagging system as long as it hid the mechanics from the user. We already have a form of this set up with not user-friendly tag names (you can see this on our site).

The budget for this project would be $2-6K and we are looking to get started in Q1 and finish by Q2.


Hey @sampattuzzi,

Sounds interesting, I shot over a PM for us to talk more about this. :slight_smile:


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