Regarding multiple tags selection provision for a category

Hello Discourse Team,

I run an e-learning platform and for QnA we are using discourse.

We have three trainings (Category) on our platform out of which

  1. one training (Category) follows some different structure (Training 1)
  2. rest of the two follows some different structure. (Training 2 & Training 3)


1. Training 1 (Category 1)
Videos of this training are classified as Module No. - Topic No. - Video No.

1. Training 2 & Training 3 (Category 2 & 3)
Videos of these training are simply structured as Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video …etc.

So, in Training 1 students should be able to apply the three filters (Tags) to find out the question.
Tag 1 : Module No.
Tag 2 : Topic No.
Tag 3 : Video No.

Please refer the following image (Edited using paint) to get more clarity about the question.

So, I would like to know how to create multiple filters to select the tags.

By default there is only one filter enabled on discourse and this is ok for Training 2 & Training 3 but for training 1 we need three filters.

Note : We have this requirement specific to a training 1.

Thank you in advance, waiting or your response.

I don’t know, but that is really hard to use from user’s side. First should go to right category — that is just another monday as job wise. But it is limiting offered tags from technical side.

But then user has to choose wanted module number — from tag-list giving by category. So he/she has to remember or know where to head and what is new/unseen.

When a module is chosen same user has to make one’s mind what is the right topic. Again — it is a new topic from topic group that is depending of category and tag.

Per video will be more or less mission impossible. You would like to get topic under a topic, because you can’t tag separately posts under a topic, nor content itself.

Discourse is wonderful tool, but it is not one-size-fit-for-all all-rounder. I’ve done a lot LMS-work and sounds like you are looking for purpose made LMS platform.

If content is more or less just video plus some text WordPress is the best choise. But if you need grades and some a bit more complicated content and structure then it is Moodle. And that is more or less all you can choose from.

And yet you can, and should, connect Discourse to courses and use there Q/A. But then your structure will be more easier. You will combine groups, categories and needed tags without confusing filtering.

Students are habitual to this sequence as the entire training is structured in the same way.
Whenever they will have any question, they will already know the Module No, Topic No, Video No as it will be already their on each and every video so, that’s not at all an issue from students point of view…

We are already using an LMS but their forum is not that advance like Discourse. So, we decided to go with discourse.

Actually I have seen forums using discourse with the feature that I requested. Here is the image for your reference. Arduino also uses multiple tags option. So, I though to go with the same.


Please let me know how to implement the same.

Thank you Mr. @Jagster for spending time to answer my question. I really appreciate that.

Why not just have syllabus topic that links to the correct places? If the class does then in step, you can update them each week to show just the right ones. You can use hide details to have all of the data available in one screen and be able to get what you want in just a click or two.

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Hello Mr. @pfaffman,

Thank you for your response

Actually there is no such provision in the LMS to do so

Actually they are pre-recorded videos and the classes are not live.

However, I found the solution with a single tag.
The tags are going to be like M1-T2-V3, M2-T7-V12, M9-T8-V22…etc

Thank you once again @Jagster @pfaffman for your time, I really appriciate.

I mean just create a topic that links to the things you want them to see. You could do it in discourse or any lms that will let you create a document with links.