[PAID/CHEAP] Discourse Hosting

Hello guys,

My name is Austin, and I do cheap Discourse Hosting. I have done Discourse hosting for a couple of other companies/organizations. My price for Discourse Hosting is very cheap. I charge $3/Month for Discourse hosting. If you want SSH access, it would cost you an extra $2. The VPS has DDOS protection, and it is secure. I also include SMTP with your own custom email and domain for free! I do not snoop around or look at your forum site, unless you request me to for debugging. There is a 24 hour refund policy. After 24 hours of purchasing the product, you cannot receive a refund, unless the Discourse Hosting is not set up. I currently only accept PayPal, but may accept more payment methods in the future. If you do refund the product, the VPS will be reset and used for another company/organization for Discourse hosting.


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If you want to purchase this product. Message me.

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