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HI guys,

We’re looking for an experienced developer who can help build a CMS plugin that lets us access and manipulate the content database right in the Admin panel, i.e. similar to what we can do with WordPress.

Several features that we’d love to have:

  1. Able to import data (specifically category/subcategory name, abbreviation, description) from excel/csv files. We want to create thousands of subcategories so it’s just not practical to do this manually.
  2. Provides us useful statistics such as topics with most comments, likes, date, authors and which categories/sub-categories they belong to, etc.
  3. Since we may have categories with thousands of sub-categories, we’d like to “hide” some/all these sub-categories so that they won’t clog up the Categories page which we’re planning to use as home page.

We’ve tried our best to look around for solutions that may exist somewhere but wasn’t quite successful so far. If you have some pointers, we would be very appreciated if you could point us to the sources. Thank you for your help!

I hope it sound feasible and interesting enough to try. If you’re interested in the project, please shoot me a message! We’ll pay for your work but are willing to make it an open source and be available to everyone afterwards since we understand many will need it. Thank you for your attention!

(Sam Saffron) #2

this is going to lead to much pain, we work ok on a site with a total of 800 categories, if you have 8000 or 80,000, all sorts of stuff ranging from front page to /categories page will collapse.

(TLH) #3

Thanks for letting me know Sam! Will this problem be handled sometime in the future or we’ll just have to live with it?

(Sam Saffron) #4

If you need support for more than 2000 categories you are going to have to work on improving Discourse internals and submit rather complex pull requests.

Your other alternative is signing up for enterprise hosting and laying out your requirements, then we can discuss building this support for you.

(TLH) #5

@sam: Thanks for the information! However, we’re still interested in having this kind of plugin for our purpose, we’ll consider reduce the number of sub-categories that will be created. We’ll consider enterprise hosting whenever the situation allows.

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