(PAID) Create Discourse PWA App With Push Notification

What would you like done?

Simply put: We want to show our discourse website in a mobile app with notification, and list the mobile app on both stores.

  1. Make Discourse forum into a PWA app on Android and IOS with push notifications. The app should have all the functions same as a Discourse forum, with notifications from mentions, private messages, etc. The app should look and feel like a native app. You should have good experience to figure out these small details.

  2. Make sure the app is listed on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  3. For maintenance purposes, submit a list of the key factors such as the framework or platform used to build the app.

  4. Do you think I missed anything? Anything you want to add, such as some small details that you feel we may encounter later.

  5. Please only contact me if you have done this before and have decent experience.

When do you need it done?

I don’t have a specific deadline. How about 1 month?

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Tell me your price.


Discourse works pretty well in the mobile browser. Is your main missing issue the notifications?
Maybe a telegram integration could solve this for you, without having to use a mobile app that requires constant updating when new features come out?

Would also not ‘force’ your users to download an app just for the forum, since many already use Telegram.


Thanks for the tip. I prefer to have an app.

The current email notification works too. But I do not like these kinds of workaround.


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