How to link your community to the discourse app?

Hello Discourse Friends,

My client recently asked if there was an app for the community that we created using discourse. I noticed that a discourse app exists. Is there a way to have my client’s discourse instance operate via the discourse app for android and IOS? Or is this discourse app just for the community?

What are the benefits of the App? Will it allow my clients to get notified of conversations directly to their phone?

How do I go about these tasks?

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Hi @MAR! This is an application which uses Google Chrome inside itself. Sure, the app supports any discourse instances. You get common benefits of mobile application, such as notification alerts with a bubble, fast access to the community with a predefined login etc.

Anyway, it should be tested carefully on your environment before recommending to your customer. Thus, my proxy server blocked message and status updates, therefore our clients did not receive notifications until I found a problem on my side.

By the way, now it works.

This is great news @Ivan_Rapekas. I would test it out a bit before advising my community to download and sign into the instance.

Does discourse also integrate to messenger type apps like telegram or WhatsApp? As the community manager for our discourse based site, I find I spend quite a bit of time talking to many members in whatsapp groups. (Our community profile consists of professionals from 80 plus countries). I wondered if there was an integrated way of consolidating all of these conversations into one place? This is especially since our community members can be hard to coordinate.

Very interesting point concerning messengers like Telegram. Unfortunately I haven’t any experience except Slack integration…

Here it is an example of android notification:


There are the following relevant topics on Telegram connectivity desire. As far as I know, it is chosen by developers rather than Whatsapp, because only Telegram provides complete API. This question is important for me too, therefore I would like to post these links here.

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