[PAID] Customizing the UI of Original Posts for Commenting

We’re looking for help in customizing the UI of the original post in every discussion thread. This stems from the choice made several years ago to use iFrames for embedding comments rather than full embedding, primarily due to functionality limitations of the JavaScript API.

Our theory is, if you can’t bring the comments to the blog, bring the blog to the comments.

Using Discourse as a Comment Engine for a Blog

The purpose of using iFrames in this case was to try to keep all discussion confined to one relative location, but it seems rather redundant. Basically, this is the system that’s been created:

We wish to create a plugin that allows Discourse to be used as a comment system for any User-Generated Content that isn’t a basic forum post, with full control over the UI of the Original Post. I’m not familiar with Discourse so for all I know something like this already exists, but I couldn’t find it after several days of research.

Feel free to share any suggestions on how it could be done, if it’s already been done, if it should be done at all, etc.

This should be doable even without iFrames. You could make a plugin with special Onebox rules for the user generated content you’d like to mirror. A topic with a link to such content would generate a onebox like this, but untruncated:

The big benefit here is that oneboxed content becomes searchable, which I’m 95% certain is not the case for iframed content.


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