[Paid] Develop "Ask me question" plugin in user profile

(Majed Alhrbi) #1

I have discourse running as Q&A using this plugin which has some people experts in their field.

I need to have some additional customized features as follows:

  1. Each user will have additional tab in their profile says “Ask me” and below it shows the normal discourse text editor to ask this user a question.

  2. The question will be posted as normal question in the selected category with mentioned to this user to get notified by discourse to see the question and answer it.

  3. In “Ask Me” page has special URL which users can Share it in their social network.

  4. Pop up Window will come up to any unregistered visitor going to ask this user a question.

If you can do this Plugin please share your estimated time and cost
Also please mention the support period after delivering the project ?


I believe that those features you mention are in our capabilities. Please contact us at contact@railsid.com to arrange further detail. We’re looking forward for your confirmation so we could handle it soon.

(Majed Alhrbi) #3

Thanks. Job already awarded to someone else. Thanks for your feedback and I will keep your contact for future projects.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Curious, who was the job awarded to?

(Majed Alhrbi) #5

Through Upwork…

(system) #6

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