Paid - Digest email plugin required

What would you like done?

Brief info

A plugin to cycle through a number of items to be featured individually in the digest email. Currently I swap this manually every 10 days or so but would like to change it so that it is slot based, where each digest sent out takes the next item in the list.

More info

In the digest email (just above ‘Popular Posts’) I have a feature like this:


The image and text (as a single entity) is what needs to be cycled. There will be around 20 or so features to cycle through, but some have more precedence over others (i.e. must show more often).

So the slots could be allocated something like this in the control panel:

Item - number of lots

One - 1
Two - 1
Three - 1
Four - 1
Five - 3
Six - 3
Seven - 3

So this translates to:

Digest email being sent out - feature

1 - One
2 - Two
3 - Three
4 - Four
5 - Five
6 - Five
7 - Five
8 - Six
9 - Six
10 - Six
11 - Seven
12 - Seven
13 - Seven

And so each digest email that is sent out goes through this list inserting whichever feature needs to be for that email. So starts with One, then Two, then Three, then Four, then Five, then Five again, then Five again, etc


It’s basically a list of text that is cycled through and placed into the digest emails whenever they are sent out.

When do you need it done?

No hurry. I was actually going to do this myself but have been putting off learning Discourse as a little birdy mentioned we might be getting some Discourse courses soon, however, I need this sooner that that material might, er, materialise, haha!

Re budget, please PM me your costs.


Sent a pm for some clarifications and pricing :slight_smile:


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