[Paid] Discourse configuration changes

Our homeowner association uses Discourse for community dialog and we want to hire someone that can perform a few changes to our configuration. At the moment, Discourse is installed on the root domain and we would now like to create a landing page for our website on the root domain and have Discourse moved to a sub-domain.

It’s important these changes be implemented with minimal disruption.

Current Configuration

Desired Configuration

  • sunrisepoint.org and www.sunrisepoint.org now point to a static landing page
  • Discourse moved to meta.sunrisepoint.org
  • Incoming email works the same as before
  • Everything remains hosted on a single Amazon EC2 instance
  • Amazon S3 bucket services continue
  • HTTPS is enabled everywhere
  • Login with Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Yahoo! linked to new sunrisepoint accounts instead of my personal accounts
  • Ability to create @sunrisepoint.org email addresses in the future

If you are capable of performing these changes, please send me a private email with your price and estimated time to complete.

If you require additional information please reply to this thread and I will update the post accordingly.

I’m not sure what the industry rate is for these types of services, however, my assumption is that an experienced Discourse / server admin could accomplish these tasks in 2-3 hours.


You should move this post to the #marketplace, and it’s good to include a budget.

I can help you. Please contact me at support.literatecomputing.com. I can prepare an estimate tomorrow.


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