[PAID] Discourse + Wordpress + (some LMS) integrated with SSO


What would you like done?
RamDass.org is a non-profit foundation that has a robust Wordpress website. The foundation is building a new community on Discourse and wants to deploy SSO across Wordpress, Discourse and an LMS. The current LMS is Teachable, with a full paid account.

Teachable has an API: https://docs.teachable.com/

The only two must-haves are Wordpress + Discourse. The LMS can be changed, though there are some requirements we have for the LMS. While it doesn’t sound fun to move from Teachable to another platform, we are open to it to ensure a simple SSO process for all users.

Any LMS must not take more than 2.9% on transaction (no Memberful!)

Here are a few use-cases that make this unique:

  • Someone wants to join the free Discourse community to talk about a recent podcast. They must sign-up for free somewhere.
  • Another person first hears about RamDass.org through a paid program and they purchase a course on Teachable. That course has a Discourse Category where discussions about the course take place. The Teachable student must then have SSO ability into Discourse.
  • There will be FREE courses on the LMS. New users need to be able to sign-up without putting in a credit card (even if it’s a $0 order, I’ve seen some sites mandate adding in a credit card).

Ultimately looking for a robust, elegant solution that could support tens of thousands of users.

Discourse is currently running on a Digital Ocean droplet.

When do you need it done?
March 15, 5pm Eastern

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Happy to pay market rates for this work. I will be paying for the developer’s time as a donation (I am volunteering with the organization).

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Happy to do my best to help, sending a pm :hugs:


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