[PAID] Developer needed to install WordPress/Discourse combined platform with SSO



We are currently running Discourse by itself on a domain, where it has been used for forum discussions, since about six months ago.

Now: need to add Wordpress as a front end content server, with tight integration to our existing Discourse forums, with single-sign on for Wordpress and Discourse, the ability to keep a session active when the user moves between the two, etc. And, SSO using Facebook/Google credentials.

We prefer new user registrations for the wordpress/discourse integration to happen through Wordpress, unless you can suggest a better way.

Timeframe: ASAP

Budget: Flexible. You tell us.

Contact to discuss further so we can get you to work on our project and get you paid fast.

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Basically what you’re asking for is a WordPress install with the wp-discourse plugin installed. That will let you handle user registrations & logins via WordPress. There’s no need for Discourse and WordPress to live on the same server in order to communicate.

Note: if you’re actually just using WP as a blog and not a user database, you might as well leave user management entirely to Discourse, which will lower maintenance costs.


ok great, well, we’re still looking to hire someone to help us configure this ASAP. Sounds like it should be straightforward and fast.

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