[PAID] Fix broken site after DNS changes

I have recently swapped by domain DNS settings from Cloudflare directly to Digital Ocean, and now my site has gone offline and won’t work.

Looking for someone to help please.

Thank you!

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I’ll get you up and running. You can purchase Automatic Rebuilds when They Are Needed – Literate Computing, LLC or Fix Your Broken Site – Literate Computing, LLC.

You’ll need to

  ssh-import-id pfaffman 

And send me your site ip number.


Out of curiosity, why move from Cloudflare to DigitalOcean, going in that direction is a pretty big step back in terms of features/capabilities.

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I guess because of this: Error 521 after latest update due to CloudFlare settings

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Turning off the orange cloud would achieve the same thing without all of the other implications.


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