Discourse not coming up on DigitalOcean

Hi there,

I have completed all steps of installing discourse over my digital drop using this tutorial -

I have taken care of all steps like email server, creating A name records, transferring the DNS etc. and everything else as required (except Let’s Encrypt ID) as I don’t need SSL at this stage.

But I am just seeing the default Ubuntu page on my domain name - www.pcm.red, and not the discourse site.

Can somebody out there help me if have experience on this, please ?
Please let me know if more information is needed regarding this problem.

PFA the final installation screenshot of the console, where installed.


Does the output of ping www.pcm.red match your droplet’s IP?

I’ve curled your domain and it doesn’t respond with any HTML.



It pinged it wrong, it has been corrected. This particular issue has been Resolved.
The website now works.

But to my amusement, it opens up to some other portal - Lubdhak Tehnologies !
It’s not mine, I don’t know about it. It’s like a wrong number !
It should have opened up to fresh discourse setup.

Am I missing something, or am I already been hacked?


Jatin, what’s the IP of your droplet, based on your DO console?


It’s, also PFA for a visual reference here.

It’s ipv4.


So there’s an A record for that IP?

Is anything else already on that droplet?

That doesn’t match

ping www.pcm.red

64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=48 time=181.755 ms

You need to fix your A record.

btw I curl your DO IP and I get your lovely HTML :slight_smile:

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Your nameservers suggest that your domain has been moved to DigitalOcean, that’s a really bad idea. Move it back to GoDaddy and manage it from there.

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Why would you opine it’s not a good idea, @Stephen,
Can you explain a bit more ?

Why not read the link I’ve provided? It explains the point well.

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Oh didn’t notice that link, sure !

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It’s a bad idea mostly because it’s confusing (as I think your case demonstrates). It’s worked well for me for at least a couple years.

It is still a bad idea, whether you personally do it or not is immaterial. Still not advisable!


When I shift the name server back to Godaddy, I have 2 questions-

  1. Should I create A, AAAA, NS, cname, txt, mx DNS records in godaddy or DigitalOcean ?

  2. While doing this, should i be able to do domain forwarding from pcm.red to www.pcm.red in godaddy? My first guess is No, because once forwarded in Godaddy, because once forwarded, It would just forward to the sub-domain, and won’t care about its configuration. It’ll just forward.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.