[PAID] Forum Contribution Points System

What would you like done?

I want a contribution system that offers points for complete some things in our forum (badge system could be useful in development but we need points, not badges).

The objetive of that plugin is motivate people to share their knowledge and support our community.


100 points for posting in X category (KB).
50 points for be the top monthly liked or poster.
25 points for invite an user (applicable when that user goes to LVL2/3).

When do you need it done?

There is no hurry but could be very useful if it’s finished in the next month.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I can pay market price but I really don’t know how much it could cost. I’m open to offers.


Hi @matenauta
I can take this up, sending you a PM


OK people, we are working on that. The plugin will be open-source so it will be posted soon :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for the space, you can close that.


replying so i can be notified when this is available! @matenauta, @Ahmed_Gagan any idea when this plugin will be available? i’m definitely looking for something like this too.


Hi there, no ETAs asking please.

The plugin will be published in #plugin when it will be finished and you could contribute with ideas, testing, funding (not only asking but sharing a good feedback) :slight_smile:


Closing to avoid unnecessary discussion. @matenauta please flag the OP if you’d like use to reopen it at some point.


Well, I can’t update OP but then we can post the plugin finished, so I update that thread here because there are interested people :slight_smile:

What’s the plugin do

Grants points to users that fits with some requirements. It was thinked to complement badges, not for replace them.

I think there are a lot of badges and they lose their motivation function, so Point System bring that to us.

If for example our dev @Ahmed_Gagan post in #some-category (moderators needs to aprove every thread in that section), he wins X points.

The same applies if he becomes the most reactioned user in month and some more actioins (Github).

Why that?

We have a good rate of signups but not a good rate of topics/replies unless we do internal contest (if you post good threads, you win).

Our rules are very flexible: no spam, no violence and we are very receptive, so I think that some plus of motivation could push up the interaction in our community by design.

The plugins wants to motivate people to share they experience. I think that every lvl 1 user can contribute on every community in the world.

There is no expertise needed for share experiences, points of views or just ask good questions.

Screenshots (in development stage)

Reward Badges icons will be SVG to fit our style-branding but could be FA icons as well with some edit in code.

We want to display that points:


Development done [very slowly at the moment]

In development

  • Add three stages for every action: bronze, silver and gold (to keep all the community motivated and not only new users).
  • Display points in user card and profile like screenshots shows.
  • Rewards page to claim by users and private for staff.

More ideas that can be developed

  • Possibility to choose what reactions count for ‘top liked’ (not minus in :sleepy: reactions but not count that one).
  • A good styled listing of winners with slider like dashboard to filter time, a kind of Awards page.

The plugin would be open source and I like to know what do you think about it. There is a lot of space to improve it :love_you_gesture:


Great! @matenauta

Kindly update more about this.
was looking for this from many days.

Thanks a lot


Has the plugin been published or in development stage


It’'s going to been published, is almost done.

Please don’t harass because there will be open source and there was no ETA neither contribution by your side (no offence, just take that in mind for good reelationship in Discourse community at general) :slight_smile:


Will the badges be automatically added to a user?


hi renguer0,

It would be lovely if a feature like this can be added:

for example, 5 points for daily sign-ins.


We already have this feature in the plugin.

You can find our plugin here https://github.com/Ahmedgagan/discourse-rewards

You can install the plugin and browse our settings in admin → settings
And search for discourse rewards


that’s great news Ahmed!
thanks for the hardwork and making it open source!!


Thanks mate,
Will release the plugin in next few days.


@Ahmed_Gagan I’ll mention two features that are a must IMO

  • have the reward system ignore action rewards from certain categories the same was it ignores ones in PM. Most communities have a lot of activity in Staff categories which currently skews the results

  • leaderboard by week, months, year filter. Activity deprecates fast nowadays with highly contributing members leaving communities and new contributors appearing so a period of time filter could help a lot, including opening the possibilities to “user of the month” or the alike


Hi Martin,
Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it and I do like these features. As this plugin was built for specific requirements of my 2 clients @aksoforever and @matenauta so we haven’t added it.

If you wish to sponsor these features I can add those for you.


Closed per OP request