[PAID] Forum theme redesign/custom theme


I have a discourse forum that I’d like to adjust the theme on. You can view the forum by clicking here.

Please message me for login details.

I want to change the theme to better match my current branding. You can view my branding on my website by clicking here.

Rather than going with any of my current branding, I’m open to new ideas for that as well. If you’re a designer and would like to add a branding kit to the job, I would be interested in that.

The Discourse forum itself is a part of my two services of mine. You can see their pages here:

The Trading Room service is where my company runs a live trading room each morning over Zoom. I broadcast my screens and teach people how to trade. We currently use Slack to allow our members to converse with one another, and me while it’s going, but this functionality will be replaced with Babble chat on our forum.

The actual topics within the forum are essentially hooked up to my trading platform. We have a tool that exports my analysis and uploads it to our member’s trading platforms so they can view my current sentiments with the press of a button. We also have a function that I use in conjunction with that to upload screenshots of my analysis to the different forum topics. The ability for our members to see and comment within the forum topics on specific screenshots is how we’re using Discourse in conjunction with our Analysis Live service.

Please message me if you’re interested.

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