Paid/free discourse installation on my host

What would you like done?
i want someone to installed and setup discourse on my cloud hosting LINODE

When do you need it done?
i need this to get done soon

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
please contact me

Just for a frame of reference is my $99 install.

It looks like it’s a bit more trouble on Linode than digital ocean


thanks for the advice i will go with Digital Ocen then , but 99$ is way out of my budget for discourse installation

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While Digital Ocean is very good, there really is not any trouble with Linode either. They create a swap partition by default, which is not ideal for ./discourse-setup , but it can be fixed via their dashboard literally in 30 seconds.

Perhaps “more trouble for me than DIgital Ocean” would have been more accurate. But solving that problem in 30 seconds assumes that you know to fix it and can find the place to do it. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me when I last checked it out. That said, checking out Linode again is on my TODO list. Perhaps I’ll add a Linode install to my products sometime in the future; I don’t see in 5 minutes how swap is configured via their API, however.

Yeah, I do not use APIs. I am a casual user.

Hey, @Famebo_Social. It might take you more than 30 seconds to disable the swap so that ./discourse-setup can work, but at your budget, it might be worth some of your time to check it out. You can post in #installation if you get stuck. Lots of people are likely interested in how to do it.

I do use APIs. I’m profoundly lazy, in a very perverse way. I’ve spent hours tweaking my install script. I’m pretty sure that if I’d just done all of those installs via the mailgun and Digital Ocean interfaces, I’d have spent less time. :slight_smile:

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Now you got me interested. Have you shared your scripting magic here? :slight_smile:

Not at this point. Of course, it’d take much longer to make my scripts work than to install Discourse 100 times. I don’t know who’d want them except someone who wanted to offer a $98 install. :slight_smile:

My longer-term plan is to provide a web interface that will install Discourse and do basic administration tasks. For example, one might log in to my portal and click a “rebuild” button to do a ./launcher rebuild app on their Discourse. (I’d rather scratch my eyes out than use a web browser when it’s so much easier to type into a “black box,” as my partner calls terminal windows, but I’m different from my clients.)


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