[PAID] Front page redesign for our forum

What would you like done?
We want a redesign of the front page (a few components) with a notification, a welcome heading and three category cards. The designs should be like the following two pictures-

We also need to implement a theme switcher to switch between light and dark themes. A footer also needs to be implemented which can be found here - https://andronix.app

When do you need it done?
As soon as possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
We would like to know what will it takes and after knowing a few price quotes, we will update it here.

All the pictures in the cards, the logo and everything will be provided.

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Hi, I’ll send you a direct message. :slight_smile:

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I might be able to help with that, please contact me here.

Job successfully completed.