[Paid] Grid Gallery Plugin

Hi there,

We’re preparing to launch a Discourse forum for the Blender 3D community, with a strong focus on graphics. We’ll be using the Topic List Previews by @angus for featured graphics as well as displaying thumbnails in the ‘Artwork’ gallery. You can see it in action on our test site here.

We’d like to extend this functionality by offering a ‘grid gallery’ view of categories and tag listings, with the following features:

  • Like Topic List Previews, extracts the first image from a post.
  • Displays a rollover with information about the image title and author, similar to the featured bar in Topic List Previews.
  • Supports endless scrolling.
  • Responsive - works both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Configurable image size (width + height) both for desktop and mobile display.
  • Can be enabled for specific tags and categories.
  • Within these tags and categories, allow users to toggle between gallery display and regular topic listing. Remember this preference for each user.
  • Efficient in terms of storage - reuse images generated for the Topic List Previews?

A good example of what we’re looking for is the CG Society gallery (see also the screenshot below).

For clarification of the requirements, please leave a reply. If you’re interested to work on this, please send me a PM with your email address and an overview of your Discourse plugin development work.


Hey, Bart! This looks like a cool project. I’ll send you a PM with more questions and my background shortly.


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