[PAID] Groups synchronisation for Discourse OIDC plugin

What would you like done?

Our IdP returns a list of groups as claim in the id_token and userinfo responses. These are ignored by the discourse-openid-connect plugin, which has no support for groups.

An older plugin that appears to have been the prototype for the official OIDC plugin supported groups, so most of that logic can be turned into a pull request for the official plugin, with some additions:

  • settings to map real groups to client groups (for example, map ‘ACME Staff’ as provided in the claim to ‘staff’, which is the immutable Discourse group)
  • old code needs some cleanup
  • … perhaps another one we’re missing

When do you need it done?

As soon as possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Please send your offer, including proposed delivery date.


Pavilion does work in this space. I’ll PM you.


Thank you for replying everyone… please send offers (including estimated delivery date) to matthew at daphne.foundation

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After receiving a quote for $1000, I decided to give this a go for myself. PR here.


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