[Paid] Help needed to fix a custom publicity plugin for Discourse 2.x

What would you like done?

more than two years ago, we had a custom plugin built for us that shows publicity in the form of replies in certain categories and topics and only for new users.

We would like to upgrade our production Discourse instance from 1.9.0 to the current version but we discovered that on our new test instance running on the current version, the plugin no longer works properly.

Normally the publicity should be displayed like this (Marc’s response):

and in the current version the result is this(essentially the reply’s text is no longer visible). There is also the error message that we receive:

We would need someone who can fix the issue and help us with the redeployment of the plugin.

When do you need it done?

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
In the order of hundreds, depending on the complexity/time needed for the fix.

We will probably need more support for the evolution of this plugin so as to respond to our current advertising needs, so this request is only the first step so as to regain functionality.


I may be able to help. Please contact me at Jay@literatecomputing.com and include the github link so I can see what will be involved. My github username is pfaffman (not needed unless the repo is private).


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