Public posts not appearing after update

We updated Discourse over the weekend and a number of our public posts are no longer viewable (community users and the public see error pages instead).

These posts are announcements that our team moderators/admins have made to the community. We noticed that our moderators/admins have the option to “publish the shared drafts” for each of these posts. However, we do not want to publish them again as these old announcements will send an email to our community members. Can someone help?

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So these topics are in the shared draft category? I’m not totally following what you’ve done here, can you describe it in more detail?

What version were you on prior to the update, can you remember?

Also, was any plugin recently added?

And to be sure I understand what you’re asking here, you are saying before the update the posts were visible, but now after the update only staff users can see the post while those who could view it previously see an error page instead?

For those who could see it previously and are not staff users, are the likes or replies from them on these posts? If yes, please share a screenshot showing this and also a screenshot of them visiting the page with your browser console open.

Also a staff user should visit the page with the browser console open and share a screenshot showing any errors.

Yes, I know it is a lot to ask at once :sweat_smile:, I just want to cover all bases as your issue is pretty unique! First time seeing/hearing this.

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Thanks for your response!

The current version of the system is 2.7.0.beta4 while the last upgrade was completed on September 19. 2020 and the version was 2.6.0.beta2. No new plugins were added to our discourse setup during the upgrade.

Before the release weren’t seeing any blue banner related to the shared drafts while after the release we started seeing one. See here:

We have mitigated the issue, by republishing all the posts and updating the timestamps of each posts individually. The comments in the posts did retain their original timestamp.

Additionally, before the release our team would start by writing drafts in a private folder and then moving it to the public folder. After the blue banner start showing for our posts, we saw a new button called Publish Drafts.

Interestingly, only the staff posts were affected by this while the community created posts were still visible.

As, we have mitigated the customer issue by republishing the posts, we don’t have the screenshots from the page or consoles.

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Oh, okay. Glad to hear you were able to fix this :slight_smile:

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@osioke - Yes, though… do you know if this issue is preventable for future updates? Any best practices that we should be aware of?

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To add more context, our team makes frequent announcements (several times a week). For future updates, we want to make sure that these announcements simply carry over without us needing to take the additional steps to turn off emails, republish, and modify the timestamp.

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This wasn’t supposed to happen, yours was a peculiar case and with no way to consistently reproduce it via error or console logs or some sort of recording that shows how it happened (screenshot or recording), it is pretty tricky to speak to it or say what can be done to prevent it.

Did you check the staff action logs /admin/logs/staff_action_logs to see no one made any settings changes that could have caused the issue?

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