[Paid Job] Discourse theme creator

What would you like done? I am looking to get a custom theme done to my forum. I do have some examples I would like, and they seem to be a bit more “extensive” than themes provided already, so it may require someone who has extra knowledge and time to work on it for me.

When do you need it done? No rush on it. Possibly maximum 1-2 months max would be preferred. Sooner would be better, but we can discuss this if needed.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? Please tell me your prices. I am very flexible and understanding.


Hey @ykcorner,

Pavilion can work with you on a new theme. If you set up a consult with our project manager @Ellibereth (Eli) he can figure out the details and pricing with you. You can book in here: Calendly - Pavilion.

For an example of some of our recent discourse design work, you can check out the themes by our new member @meghna, our new landing pages. Eli can also share some examples of recent work we’ve done with clients.


Sounds great. Just contacted Eli


Still in need of a developer for my theme (and future plugins if you do both)


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