[PAID-job] Three Modifications Requested (Newsletter Subscription, WordPress Disqus Transfer, added JS calls)

Hi all, I have seven different tasks that I’d like to get done on my upcoming forum – the first three here are critical to our forum launch though.

My budget is open and I’d like to get quotations for these three tasks.

The sooner the better, and myself and another programmer can work alongside, although we are not Discourse experts.


  1. Account Creation Additions: Two Subscription Checkbox Options

    Add checkboxes to the initial signup page in order to (a) Subscribe to our Newsletter and (b) Sign up for our “Hot Deal Alerts”.

    • Upon submitting, this can go through our main API with a post request.

    • These two checkboxes would be checked by default.

    • Must also work with third-party logins (ie Facebook/Google/Twitter, if emails are provided by those services)

    This may work as a webhook to our main API?

  2. Move WordPress blog comments from Disqus to our Discourse

    a.) First, create a Discourse topic created for every post on our WordPress blog that has Disqus comments – we will provide logic so that it is placed in the proper Discourse category (depending on the blog’s category).

    b.) Next, any comments we have in our old Disqus system can be turned into comments on the corresponding Topic. Any comments made by me should be attributed to my user, if possible.

    c.) After that, the WordPress plugin should cover us most of the way there, but additional assistance may be requested.

    d.) Finally, we’d like a path to allowing a user to merge with their old Disqus comments (lower priority).

  3. Plugin: Call a JS file on our www server and embed a few empty divs

    I need each page to run a simple one-liner call to a JS file hosted our main server, passing it this forum page’s current category and current tags, if they exist.

    Then in select areas on the forum page, I want the plugin to place empty divs (and the JS our main server runs will populate them).

    Note: There is a possibility that we choose to have the Discourse plugin generate the HTML based upon what’s returned. I can show examples of how our tech works.

Thank you, please contact me here and let’s talk. If things go well, I have additional requests with regards to Teams, Flagging, Stealthbanning, etc.

Also, a ping to @pfaffman who helped me with my separate container setup and did a wonderful job and should see this. Jay can vouch that I pay, and I’m happy to contract work via UpWork if necessary.



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