[PAID] Let users organize their private messages

What would you like done?

Add some method for users to categorize private messages. Here’s a potential use case:

–users will want to create posts that only they can view (or they + a few users can see). To do this, it seems like the most straightforward method is for users to create private messages to send notes to each other and themselves. This is likely to be a core way they use the forum functionality.

–Because users may be creating a lot of messages, I want some way for them to review the private messages they create in an organized way.

–I have in mind the messages will fall into one of just a few categories. For example, imagine the categories are: work, family, sports.

–when a user creates a private message, I want them to assign the message to one of these 3 categories.

–This is the user experience I have in mind. If I can achieve it with something other than categories–such as custom topic fields, tags, or something else, that would be fine

When do you need it done?

Approximately 1 to 2 weeks from now.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

This really depends on what the best solution is (creating a new plugin to add categories to private messages? showing me how to add custom topic fields? some other solution). So hoping to hear what the right solution would be first.


Let me kick the tyres on this one and I’ll drop you a PM.


Thanks. I just added an edit to note that the key goal here is: (i) user can create a post that only he/she can see, (ii) user can organize that post into one of three “categories”.

So it doesn’t have to be using private messaging. I assumed it was easiest to start with private messaging and go from there. But an alternative to organizing private messages would be to make it so that users could create topics that only they could see (and those topics would have the basic category functionality that is there by default).


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