PAID: Looking for a discourse consultant / developer

What would you like done?
I am setting up a discourse website which requires some customizations; I want to make my discourse website similar to reddit. Since I have limited experience with discourse, rails and emberjs, I need a consultant to guide me on best approach I can take to customize discourse for my use case.

I would like to setup a call to discuss about how to do the following:

  1. Guidance on best practices for setting up local development environment and testing / deployment workflow.
  2. Making UI changes to show thumbnails using images / videos from the post content; video should be playable.
  3. Adding a new page as default similar to top/new/latest which uses reddit’s sorting algorithm.
  4. Change desktop view layout to have a side column to show widgets such as categories, latest topics, ads etc.
  5. Allow user to like, comment, share & flag a topic without opening its page.

How I would like the topics to shown:

Layout for the desktop view:

When do you need it done?
If we can have our first call in next 1-2 weeks, that would be great.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
If you have a strong discourse profile / contributions I can pay up to $30-50/hr for the consultation calls. If I need help with the development we can decide on that later.


Hey there @hyd504,

We do this kind of work regularly at Pavilion. You can also check out my profile for links to various customisations we’ve built that address features you’ve mentioned. You can set up an initial consult with one of our project managers by booking in here: Calendly - Pavilion.




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