[Paid] Looking for a programmer for discourse modifications 25-30$

Hey there! Hope you’re doing great today.

I’m looking for a person who could help me with the following stuff.

  • Adding some categories.
  • Modify a menu.
  • Adding plugins.
  • Adding sub-categories.

I need this as an static menu.

This is what I currently got: https://tuqueja.cl/

And this is how I’d like it to be: https://discourse.forosaluddigital.cl/

The budged for this job is from $25 to $30 USD.

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I’ll send you a direct message.


Hey @Canapin I can’t reply in the other account, looks like new users can’t send many replies. Contact me here or if you have Skype we can go there.


@Canapin has been able to perfectly do the work we could pay for, plus other unlisted minor tasks. He even did it very quickly.

Some listed tasks haven’t been done since we didn’t have the budget for them.

Thank you!