[PAID] Looking for help migrating a community from Slack to Discourse

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We have a small community of coaching clients on a Slack channel. While it’s only 30 people at the moment, I’m already answering questions multiple times b/c messages get archived, and it’s getting sloppy with people not using threads, etc.

I used to have a simple Discourse forum (for a different project) that I loved. So, I’d like to migrate to another simple Discourse community that is branded with my business. I’m looking for someone that could help migrate / build this community, help create a simple process for new clients to join the forum in onboarding, and possibly stick around to help with ongoing maintenance, improvements, upgrades, etc.

Appreciate any help in advance.


What would you like done?

Build out of new community in Discourse to replace our Slack community.

When do you need it done?

30 days.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I have budget. It depends on how involved I have to be, how well the end product will match my branding, how efficient the onboarding of new clients is, and if I can get ongoing support with the community / technical support after the migration.


Are you looking to self host, or are you after managed hosting?


Hi @RayJGreen
I am interested to help you, sending you a PM

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Hey Sam. I’m not sure of the pros and cons of either. Depends on cost and workload. Assuming it’s not crazy expensive, I lean towards managed because self hosting sounds like work and risk, but not entirely sure.


Received. Will respond there. Thank you.


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