Moving from Tribe to Discourse

Can someone migrate our forum to discourse? We chose tribe because we don’t have money and are a small and popular buisness. We don’t make lots of money but can start over and advertise the new forum


We have no money and are just starting off, if someone could help that would mean the world


You are three members on this forum and your number of posts is very limited. You could make a new installation of Discourse on a server and start over
Here is the link to the instruction: discourse/ at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

If you don’t have any experience with Linux and the word terminal doesn’t say anything to you, then you should go for Discourse’s hosting plan or go for Communiteq. Search up online


We have no money to do so, tribe doesn’t let us post.

  • our users have complained and asked for their account to be deleted


Then how should someone migrate your forum if you have no money for hosting anyway? :sweat_smile:


I’m thinking about signing up for free hosting

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I dont think you’re going to find anybody to migrate your forum for free.

Also, it looks like you have 4 posts. Might not be worth it?

If not, what forum software are you using? I kinda thought it was the Fakebook theme at first :sweat_smile:


I’m currently on Tribe (

Looks like a closed source Discourse and Reddit merge…

It’s great that you want to move to Discourse, but sadly I cant be of any help. It may be worth it restarting and setting up a new Discourse instance, because I have no idea how Tribe works behind the scenes, and it’s closed source oto, right?

You should just email all of the users that you switched forum softwares and to sign up again, and if you want a familiar theme try Fakebook, or Fakebook Pro

Again, sorry I cant be any help, you will love Discourse.

I do recommend you see the following:

You can also try to self-host it:

Discourse is certainly in the list, but it isn’t free if you don’t want to install and set things up yourself. Since you have stated that you’re just starting out (and don’t have much money), it will be very difficult as you need money to host (and migrate it sometimes). And I agree with @Pixlz that you will love Discourse, and I am sorry for your position right now.


There is zero point going to the effort of migrating the content with a script if there are only 4 Topics (which appear to only have an OP?!). You are best to simply type these in again if you need them? It would take you longer to send an email to a developer!

Just start afresh as has been suggested.

Whilst running a Discourse is not “free” even as a self-hosted, self-installed owner, it is not that expensive and can be done for under $10 a month (including email service costs), especially with this little traffic.

For a small fee, you can even ask a developer to install it for you #marketplace

If you are prepared to learn, then modifying existing themes will be relatively straightforward to get a similar look.