[PAID] Looking for some admin support

I’m helping one of my clients implement a self hosted solution.
As I’m still new to Discourse, I’m looking for some help with the following:

  • Assess current state of installation and provide recommendations
  • Procedures for backup, restore, maintenance and disaster recovery
  • Load balancing and eventual scaling
  • Multi tenant setup

I currently have this setup:

  • Discourse server
  • Redis Cache on a separate server
  • 2 PostgreSQL servers setup in high availability

I also wouldn’t mind support agreement in the form of a bank of hours or a monthly retainer.

Amounts to be negotiated but I am soliciting offers from people who have experience with what I’m looking to do.
The engagement is not purely to do the work, but also training us on how to best do this ourselves.

I don’t have a specific budgeted amount but am willing to entertain any reasonable offer at market rates.


Email me at jay@literatecomputing.com. I have a set of installation packages, but can work out something more particular for your use case.


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