«Paid Membership» plugin with PayPal integration! (version 3.0, 2015-08-31)


(Discourse.PRO) #21

I know that you have installed my software product on the forum.umcnet.nl website.
It is OK, because my software product is GPL.
After getting my software product for free now you want my support for free.
Unfortunately, I do not support unpaid testers.
If you need my support, then you should buy it here: [Paid Membership] 1 year support - Discourse Plugins
If you do not need my support, then please solve your issues yourself.

(STiNGER) #22

I thought I’d wait with my reply until Christmas had passed.
You did not understand my message – go-on, read it again.
My test report is not about your software on my website.
My test report is about your software on your website.
Who advertises and invites people to try out your US$1 test transaction?
Then don’t shoot me for pointing out mistakes in your work.
Instead, you should thank me for taking an interest in your product.
And for pointing out flaws in your test setup.
I am not after “free support”.
I value Open Source and the people who develop it.
And I understand that paying for Open Source support is sometimes the best insurance for continued service in the long term.
Since you regard yourself as a developer, I suggest you start acting like one.
Then I will pay for your services and become a customer.

(Discourse.PRO) #23

Do I have freedom to choose my customers?
If so, then just relax and switch your time to someone’s else software.
I clearly undestard your motivation to get my support for free, and I do not want to do anything for you or solve any of your problems with my software.

(Anton) #24

Is it not a bug report that is being sent to you rather than asking for support?

To me, @dmitry_fedyuk response demonstrates what support one will get after buying the plugin. I agree with @STiNGER that what is reported here should be valued as testing-for-free from people interested in the plugin. Dmitry, you should improve your attitude to people reporting issues for you, and especially when answering publicly. How you answered is not the way to build good rapport. For instance, I was thinking about buying your plugin, but I am not anymore after learning about your attitude. Just an advice and how I view things being a potential client of yours.

Finally, this:

No, you don’t — the name for acting like this is “discrimination”. Once your service is sold publicly, you should not choose who to sell to and who not to based on your personal preferences.

(Discourse.PRO) #25

Oh, yet another “theoretical buyer” :grinning:


I am selling my software products for many years, and I clearly understand, who is buyer and who is not.

(Andrew Waugh) #26

Well, I have to say, as a potential purchaser of your plugin, your PR isn’t really doing a great deal to convince me to go from not being a buyer, to being a buyer. And yes, our Organisation is interested in two of your plugins, but the rather blunt answer I got in a PM made me think that you don’t really want the money all that much.

(Anton) #27

@dmitry_fedyuk this is just rude

(Discourse.PRO) #28

Oh, @JagWaugh is another interesting kind of “theoretical buyers” (next to “unpaid testers” and “donation seekers”).

Here is his inquiry:

Let’s translate it: “I want buy your $99-priced plugin, but beforehand you should implement my 20 additional feature requests for free:joy: :smiley:

My answer:

It is my automatic answer to such kind of “buyers” for many years.

(Andrew Waugh) #29


With all due respect, I think you should learn some English. Doing this might just help you differentiate between a question, and a demand.

The sentence “Is your plugin able to do something like that?” is not only phrased as a question, it is also terminated with a question mark, which is a dead giveaway that I was asking a question, as opposed to making a demand, or expressing an expectation.

A demand, or an expectation, is often terminated with an exclamation mark. Here is an example:

It is incredibly rude to post a PM in public without asking the original poster if they have any objections first, please avoid this in the future!

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Closing this for 7 days @dmitry_fedyuk flag to reopen in 7 days if you wish

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(Gina A. Riley) #33

Can this feature be used to pay out vs in? If, in the future, I wanted to pay staff members a fee to help monitor the community?


(Discourse.PRO) #34

No, it can not be used to pay you.

(Anton Skyba) #35

How to buy your plugin? When I’m going to “membership package” link from the top post I’m getting " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." page.

(Askjoyb) #36

How i can get this plugin


As this plugin has, as far as I can tell, been discontinued I figure I’ll suggest an other alternative to paid memberships: https://subscriptia.com/

Full disclosure: I’m one of the creators of Subscriptia. If this is the wrong place to post, feel free to delete this comment.

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