{PAID} Need Discourse expert for customized membership site platform

What would you like done? I am not tech-savvy at all. I need someone, with lots of Discourse experience, to create a customized, very intuitive and minimalistic-style, membership site platform. I know exactly what I want it to be. But it’s too much to list here.

When do you need it done? I need a basic one asap, and the more advanced options in the next 2-3 months. Sooner, if possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? I hesitate to write that here. I’ll research here and see what’s customary for this. But for the basic, $500. And for the advanced, $10,000, if needed. May be able to pay a few thousand more, if needed. We can also do this in stages, and I can pay at each stage. I’m open to discussion. The site will have at least 500 members initially, ~$45/month dues each. So I can pay more once that stage of the site begins. It’s slightly complicated. My business coach, who has far more experience with these kinds of things, will be sitting in on our meetings. She’s free next Tuesday. As am I.


Hey Anglea, this is potentially up our alley: thepavilion.io.

I’ll send you a PM with further details.


Hey! Give @mbcahyono a shot. I can without a doubt say that he is the best Discourse developer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He created my site from the ground up, almost 20 custom plugins in total. I also have membership-like options (paid/non-paid), special groups, custom pages, a ticket system, you name it. Heck, he even created a Rewards/Referral system (incentives for invites). He is also good with UI, so I am pretty sure he can fulfill the needs you’ve listed.


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