[Paid] Need Help Setting Up Server

I’m looking to hire someone to help me setup a server.

This is my first time running my own server. I’m a bit swamped with client work and want some of this stuff setup soon.

What I need Done on the server:

  • Multiple WordPress installs (PHP and mysql already installed)
  • Instalation of Discourse (Ruby already installed)
  • Help setting up email for discourse
  • It’d also be nice if you could point me in the direction of running things after it’s setup

I’m happy to answer any questions.

Hello i can perform installation and setup of your server.
My time is GMT +5.30 . So i will be available after 8-9 hours later. PM me and lets discuss if u still are looking for some one to do it.

Thank you very much for offering.

At this point, I think I’ve got everything set up and running, just need to wait for the DNS to propagate.

I still need to try and figure out how to get multiple websites working side by side, so I may contact you for that.

But for now, just gotta wait for those DNS.